Webcomics: Cross-Over Edition

In my quest to inform everyone who actually reads my blog here about my favourite webcomics and their response, I realized that I should probably focus a little on the webcomics with cuteness value, good plotlines, great artwork, and more specifically, webcomics that have detailed character development.

In my musings about what webcomics would fit the category of “interesting”, “good plot-lines” and “great artwork”, I realized that one of my favourite comics has become my favourite comic specifically due to the cross-over episodes from other webcomics. Keep in mind these comics are cute but not for children, they do have some adult themes (nothing raunchy, but just not for kids).

The three webcomics that I am talking about are:

Girls with Slingshots


Something*Positive (18+ rating)*

Now each of these webcomics have their own plotlines that are amusing and interesting all on their own. But recently they have all been combining their plot-lines to discuss the hypoallergenic kittens bred from the cat owned by one of the characters, Hazel, from Girls with Slingshots and the cat owned by Davan in Something*Positive. The Shortpacked storyline has a character with cat allergies, and the “under the table dealings” to obtain one of these hypoallergenic kitties as a perfect gift for her. You should read each of these comics, but if you are a fan of women-based comics you will definitely want to focus on Girls with Slingshots (18+); if you are a fan of model toys, Transformers, or toy-stores, you will want to read Shortpacked; and if you are a fan of a bit more adult of humor with a satirical view, you will find Something*Positive (18+) to be your focus.

Of course, being me, I am a huge fan of both Girls with Slingshots and Shortpacked of course! :-)

If you want to see a clip of the hypoallergenic kitten plot-line from each of these comics, please continue reading below. I will also do a review of each comic on its own.

Hazel’s absolutely adorable kittens!

This is how Davan from Something*Positive’s got his cat ChooChoo Bear (the cat that fathers Hazel’s cat’s kittens):

Shortpacked introduced the hypoallergenic kittens:

Girls with Slingshots is a fantastic webcomic, with great artwork done by Danielle Corsetto. She covers everything from friendships, dating, bra-shopping, drinking, coffee, and a variety of other themes, and ties it up with a nice bow of a talking Irish Cactus named McPedro… Yes, there are aspects of fantasy within this webcomic, but it always keeps you reading more. It’s a great comic, and I highly suggest it.

Shortpacked is a comic that not only has talking sentient cars, it has toy stores, feuds, and more! If you are a fan of anything to do with toys, Transformers, action figures or anything really geeky in the toy division, you will find an interest in this strip. The art isn’t as well refined in the beginning, as most comic strips typically start off with, but once you get into the plot line and get to know the characters, the artwork develops along with it. Have fun!

Something*Positive is an interesting comic, with a cute element of a odd gelatinous cat, and there has been a decade of reading. The content is a bit more adult, and there is some great character development, and I absolutely love Choo Choo Bear the Cat! If you like an interesting comic, with fairly basic artwork (but still good), you should check out the humour found in Something*Positive. Now, I do have to warn you that, as with a few of the webcomics I read, you will have to put up with the annoying advertising bars on the side panels of the comic itself. Some of the ads can be odd or even slightly disturbing. Consider yourself properly warned.I personally don’t enjoy seeing ads for other comics where there is bloody wounds, but hey, to each his own.


Something*Positive does have some explicit language on the rare occasion. While it is not a vulgar comic at all, the random swears that occur once in a while within the comic have been the one reason I haven’t been as committed to reading this particular comic. The more adult topics that get brought up in Something*Positive also are more on the 19+ level, just a warning.

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