Cosplay: Blood Elf Mage – World of Warcraft based on a NPC

Cosplay is a form of performance art that involves recreating characters from Japanese  videos, anime, cartoons, and comics. It also includes creating costumes for characters from North American video games, comics and other media. There are numerous conventions across the world, and within North America there are a multitude of conventions, with the most predominant being Comic-Con. At these conventions there are cosplay and masquerade contests, as well as contests for the best skits and for workmanship..

While I have been wanting to do a cosplay from Final Fantasy XIII of Lightning. I just haven’t had the time to work on this cosplay. Plus I haven’t played FFXIII lately.

Now what I decided to work on this year was something from the Western culture, and something that I very familiar with. I decided that I wanted to create a cosplay of a Blood Elf Mage from World of Warcraft. I decided that I would base my cosplay on my in-game Blood Elf character, whose class is a Mage, which is a DPS caster.

Blood Elves in World of Warcraft

I figure you might want a little background on this costume. Well the Blood Elves in World of Warcraft wear crimson colours to honour those that were slain during the Third War. They were originally high elves, but have now become a part of the Horde Faction (the opposition to the Alliance). Now what you also might need to know is that the Blood Elves eyes’ glow green from their use of fel magic, and that their ears are vertical rather than horizontal like the night elves of the Alliance.

I created my Blood Elf Mage based on one of the low level NPCs in the game. When commencing playing a Blood Elf mage, you begin your journey in Eversong Woods in Silvermoon, and there is a Mage trainer named Julia Sunstriker who is one of your trainers. She is one of the first NPC blood elves that I really thought I could try to recreate.

The Blood Elf Mage Trainer looks like this:

Now blood elves tend to wear reds, blacks, blues and golds, and have fair skin and green eyes. Their hair colour in game can range from various natural colours, but a majority of the NPCs have blonde hair, though there are numerous Blood Elves (BE) with shockingly bright red hair. When I designed my cosplay for my BE, I decided that I would go with the bright red hair to exemplify the BE way of wearing red. So I set out to find a proper red wig, as I knew I wasn’t about to bleach and colour my hair for this.

I went to the best place to find cosplay wigs and that is So I ordered a wig that has now sadly been discontinued, but it has a brilliant red hue to it, and is one of the most comfortable wigs I have ever worn. It is the Scruffy Short wig in Dark Red, and I cut it and took a razor to it, then styled it with various pomades and sprays.

Obviously I don’t have glowing green eyes that range my entire sclera, so the best way to achieve the green eye look is to get scleral lime green contacts called Goliath, from, a Canadian contact lens supplier. Of course using lime green eye makeup really helps.

So in creating the rest of the cosplay costume, I realized that I would need to create a costume that would be comfortable and still take care of authenticity of the in-game clothing.

Creating the Staff of Shadow Flame would have been one of the things I would have liked to have gotten done for my costume, but it would have been too intensive. So I concentrated on the costume itself.

So for now, what I am going to do is show you what I ended up with. I think it looks quite a bit like the in-game Blood Elf Mage that I created in World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade. I will do another post later about how I actually made the cosplay, and let me tell you, it isn’t as simple as buying a costume from Each robe, skirt, vestment and every detail has a place within the World of Warcraft inventory, and if you are trying to copy you actual in-game character, it takes a little bit of imagination to turn a 2D robe into a 3D costume.

My Cosplay of a Blood Elf Mage:

She is modelled after Julia Sunstriker, but my version is named Bunnificus Lightbringer. I designed the costume to have removable sleeves, which is why any photos up currently are sleeveless, I feel it just looks better that way. One of the great parts of cosplaying is the community that surrounds it, and at there are thousands of people that post their cosplays on a daily basis, and work together on the forums to help each other create amazing works of art! If you are wanting to see more of my cosplay and other cosplayers work, you can just hop on over to

Cheers, and if you are wondering, this is Day 16 of NaBloPoMo.


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4 Responses to “Cosplay: Blood Elf Mage – World of Warcraft based on a NPC”

  1. Trevor April 12, 2011 at 3:04 am #

    Blood Elves are the bomb…sexy wow class

  2. alliance leveling guide April 17, 2011 at 2:37 pm #

    Nice post! Night elves are definitely the more sexy onces, at least more than human or any other alliance race, of course I don’t find any of the horde races attractive at all.


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