The Worgen are here! Cataclysm: World of Warcraft

Upon hearing that the Worgen race was being introduced to the Alliance faction in the newest World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, I immediately had visions of how badly that could go. As the past couple years have inundated my senses with a plethora of were-wolve and vampire related content due to the mass popularity of the Twilight series, I couldn’t help but consider that the introduction of a werewolf playable race might be playing upon the current popularity of the furry half-man/half-beasts as seen the movies of Eclipse, Twilight and New Moon.

After looking into a little bit more, it does seem that these were-wolves are much more intense and awesome than I originally expected. After looking into a little more, it looks like the Worgen may have to be one of my favourite new races to play. I am looking forward to playing this later tonight when Cataclysm gets released at 12:01am at December 7th, 2010. When you start off creating your worgen, you can see what their human original appearance looks like before they become cursed. It is a fascinating way to create your avatar, and gives you a humanizing approach to the game. You get the best of both worlds, a human view and a beastly view.

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Now for anyone that is sitting there going, crud, I have a Blood Elf I finally levelled up and now I want a Worgen or a Goblin. Well, not to worry, you can do a paid faction or a paid race change within the Blizzard world, and you can then go on with your in-game life as a worgen or snarly goblin.

While I don’t think that I can make a paid race change for my Human Paladin to become a Worgen Paladin, as that seems to be a no-go in the Cataclysm world, I do think that my Tauren Druid can finally transfer over to a character that I really like. I have never appreciated the Tauren as playable character, the fact that there is a decent backstory to the Worgen race, makes me kind of giddy at the prospect of new playable races.

While nothing will take over my love of the Blood Elves as a playable race, as they are just in my opinion happy and cheerful compared to other Horde races, the Worgen and Goblins may prove to be an interesting and exciting addition to the game.


So if you don’t see me posting all that much on my blog, you will know why. I am likely playing Cataclysm…



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  1. wowfan April 14, 2011 at 2:24 pm #

    Yeah, you have to admit, Worgen are pretty damn cool, the looks the abilities and the classes you can choose, definitely my favorite race.

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